Movies in my life

Beyond Borders

The struggle that the main character (Angelina Jolie) goes through – living a secured life with money and welth and then this little boy melts her heart. The work that people around the world do for the once who really need it is showed without any glitter and sparkle. The first time I saw the movie just made me think about the world in a different way somehow. And the fact that the people you meet in your life do change the course of your life. And even the arrogant person you meet has a heart of gold. Love comes in many different forms to us.

Mamma Mia!

The music, the place, the pureness of life and love it just takes my breathe away every time I see this movie. This movie also reminds me about the time when my life was turning a new plank page – all the nervousness, the thrill of facing new things. My heart was full of life and I was honestly happy and not scared of the future.

Billy Elliot

Everyone has dreams and we try to aim them.  But not all the dreams come true. There are some people that dream with the whole heart and soul, they fight against the odds and don’t care about the judgement they might get on their way. Billy is a small town boy and he dreams big but he doesn’t make a big fuss about it.
He has a big heart. This one is my all time favorite. It makes me believe that my dreams can come true too if I really want it to happen. This movie makes my eyes water.

Finding Nemo

Because it is funny. It is like the saying. “there are many fish in the sea”. Each fish is unique and it goes to people too. In the movie it shows how you should accept everyone the way they are with all their quirks – the forgetful Dory, the story teller old turtle, worried parent and the adventures Nemo.

The Miracle Worker

Think of it this way, if you couldn’t see nor speak, wouldn’t you find the world a scary and awkward place to be? Helen is blind and mute and then a woman comes in to her life and makes her see the world and Helen gets a voice of her own. This movie is amazing and makes my eyes water easily.

I Can’t Think Straight

When i first saw this movie I was in an awww… I could relate to the story so much. You can’t choose who you fall in love with. Love comes out as the winner after all the struggle. Love begins from inside. When you love yourself the way you are then you can love others. I believe in soulmates and in this movie no barriers are too big for the love between the main characters.

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