Meet Milla

I’m a 26 year-old woman, almost a fully qualified nurse. All my life I have lived in a small town in the Eastern part of Finland.

I have many intrests in my life. I few years back I found this small little thing called digital camera and I was totally drawn in to pushing that little button that immortalized all the things that my eye could see.
I love movies: old, new, foreign, black and white… I have noticed that I have movie phases, I mean like there are days that I just want to see horror movies, then it is drama, comedy, old and now I’m in the horror phase.
I know everyone on this earth likes music in their own kind of form. I like music too. Lately I have listened to music mostly on my bike rides.  I can’t name a specific genre of music I like, it totally depends on the situation, the mood I’m in etc.
Sports is a part of my life too, skiing, long walks, running, roller blading, bike rides etc. I love to travel. I haven’t been in so many places yet on this earth but I’m still young and I plan to see many more places.

A few years back I met this wonderful human being that just charmed me from head to toe. Getting to know her and being with her has  made me see life in a better light and I think I have gotten to know myself better when she has been in my life. My first blog was actually dedicated to her and also to our relationship that seemed to win over everything: no dictance, no age difference, no lifes situation seemed to be on our way. Now i have learned thst everything can change. I’m alone now living with a broken heart. I lost the love of my life and I still have to get up in the morning and try to move on.

My life changed radically a few months ago and now I have a scare on me fore the rest of my life. I’m learning to live my life again. Learning how my insides feel, taking one day at a time. I have my good day and my bad days. Sometimes I do need my own space to just be, breathe and just be me.

I tend to love opposites:  Big cities, with their buzz and fuzz, and small towns, with their charm and calmness, travelling far and walking down the block, hanging with the people that are in my life and watching movies alone.

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