Hello old friend!

I had been having this odd feeling for days that i ought to be doing something, something to do with writing but I could figure out what…. Until… a moment ago… for real… I decided to search for answers…. what if there isa still a chance I could regain access and ownership to this blog of mine… I wasn’t expecting anything cause a while back I got a rude NO in my e-mail, so I gave in for months until now… and  what happens!? Tadaaaa! I wrote my old e-mail address down and then just typed one of my regular passwords………… *PUF* I was logged in! It just cracked me up totally. I had beed sad for losing this blog. Ihad cursed that I had been so stupid… But here I am, logged in.

The thrill lasted for a moment….

Then I started thinking about my blog that I had started a while ago…. The weird thing is that I don’t know what to do now… in a way I had gotten used to the new one but I was always missing this blog cause it was my first blog in my entire life…. So now I need to think what to do with these two blogs….

When I was writing this blog the last time I was Miss M, but now… I don’t know if I am that anymore…


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