Chance or Choice

Do you think things happen by chance or choice? Fate. Do you believe in fate?

I have thought alot about what makes things happen in our lives. I believe in fate. I believe that there is some higher power guiding us through life. I also believe in chances and choices. A chance can bring choices to you and thise guide you through it and you have to have fate in your choices.

I made a choice yesterday to listen to my heart and give it room to breathe. Today I finally opened my mouth and said what I needed to say. I can say that it was heart breaking but at the same time it was a releave. I know it is not healthy to get stuck and be always reminded about your past. Today is a the last day of my past and the first day of the rest of my life. Some people may not be able to understand why I’m doing this but first and for most I’m the one that counts. I need to listen to myself. This is my chance to live again. My choice to move on.

Chances and choices are sometimes tightly connected to each other. It may hard to see the big picture sometimes but the biggest act you can do is to take the first step forward. Take a chance. Makes choices. Listen to the voice with it.


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