Sunny November day

It is Sunday and the sun was shining brightly outside. It was like inviting me to go out and embrace the cool November day. And that is what I did. I went for a walk, I let the cold air get in to each and every cell in my body. Have you ever felt like Sunday is the end a of another chapter in your life. Lately I have felt that way alot. I have made my Sundays to be a cleanse days for my soul. On Sundays I tend to write alot, meditate, listen to the voice within me.  It is my way of getting ready for a new week.

Yesterday something unexpected happened, it gave me an opportunity to ask a few questions that have been running around in my mind for a while. I felt good of asking the questions but then I started to feel like the something was smothering me and I was confused. And it made me wonder why do I put myself in to those kind of situations.
I haven’t talked with my ex for days, I mean really talked, and then last night we ended up talking for a moment on msn. And today I have been beating myself up for letting my guard down. I was stupid to think that maybe we could have an adult conversation. But the past came hunting back and it made me even more confused. Why is it so easy to let your guard down and be hurt once again?

But I have a feeling that next week will be different, things will change. I just have to learn to trust my instucts and listen to my heart and also mind head. It is the only way a person can live.

“Be yourself, there is no point in being someone else.
If a person loves you for what you are, all the flaws and mistakes are secondary. “


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