Touched by something

I was touched by something higher than me today.
My moms friend and also my friend is abit religious and she wanted to pray for me. She stood behind me and put her hands on my shoulders and she prayed for me. It made my heart beat faster and I started to feel like I was floating, I felt kind of a lightness and warmth inside. The things that she said was like she saw inside me: I have been tired, angry, sad… asking many whys, blaming things, blaming myself about getting cancer and losing the one I love the most.
And her praying for me made me cry. I felt like the tears were cleansing my soul. After she had prayed and had her hands on my shoulders I felt this big warmth inside and my shoulders were almost like close to burning. It was a really odd feeling. Maybe moms friend has somesort of extra ordinary powers.
It has been now over six hours from it and I still feel lightness inside and my mind seems clearer.


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