Letting go

“Sometimes you have to let go to see if there was anything worth holding on to.”

Lately I have been thinking alot about letting go. For me it is a big deal.
Here is my story: I have loved a person for over four years. Now it has been almost 7months after I was dumped and it might sound weird to someone but in the past weeks I have came to research my heart and soul and I have really started to deal with the my broken heart. I have been trying to find answers. I have tried to reach out to my ex. I have written many letters to myself and to my ex. I have tried to get through the thick wall that my ex has built around themself with guards everywhere. Each day I ask myself “should I let go? would it make things better?”. But how do you stop your heart from always beating faster when you remember their face, the smile, their arms around you?! Maybe it is better to let go and let them be happy.

Why is it so hard to let go?

I seem to focus myself on the good and happy times when we were together. But I know I did wrong by keeping harmless things inside myself. But to me the good things weight alot more. Yes whe had arguments and missunderstanding, that is what happens easily when you don’t share the same language. I understand that and I understood that. I said wrong things (I can’t say anything on my ex’s behalf). It is pointless to point fingers and try to find the guilty party ’cause there is always two people in a relationship, there is always two people involved in the break-up. Both can be heart broken and feel guilt.
I know I made stupid choices and now I have to settle for “being friends” which I don’t know if I can be like that. Maybe for some people it is easy to be friends with exs but we are not the same.

It is heart breaking to see that my ex seems to be moving on with their life. But at the same time they have made their choice and I respect that. All I want is happiness for them. I hope true love can find them.

So in conclution, I think I need to let go. I know it will hurt inside, but I don’t want to ruin other peoples lives. happiness and love are important things in life. I have found my true love and I think i need to let go of them now.


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