36 movies I need to see by the end of this year

I have enjoyed watching movies my whole life, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I had fallen in love with them. As a casual fan for so many years, I missed out on a lot of great movies.

Last spring my life was changed and ever since I have set different kinds of goals to myself for me to enjoy life and take everything I can out from it.
In order to continue to push myself to see more great movies, I have gathered this list of 35 movies I must see before the end of the year. Thirdy might seem like a low number — and it probably is — but I thought it would be a fair amount to when I have so many other things going on. These are 35 movies through the year.

This will be an ongoing project with my ultimate deadline being to have seen all of these by the end of the year.

1. Chaplin X
2. The Fighter X
3. One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest X
4. Hanna X
5. Rainman X
6. DayBreakers X
7. Schindler’s List X
8. Midnight in Paris X
9. The Tree of Life X
10. Colombiana X
11. Cowboys and Aliens X
12. The Dark Knight
13. Green Mile X
14. Love and other Drugs X
15. The King’s Speech X
16. The Thin Red Line
17. Trust X
18. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon X
19. In the Mood For Love X
20. Lonely hearts X
21. 50/50 X
22. Source Code X
23. Kung Fu Panda 2 X
24. Crazy Stupid Love X
25. Dogville X
26. Lost and Delirious X
27. A world Unseen X
28. Out at the Wedding X
29. My Summer of Love X
30. Never Let Me Go X
31. Shelter X
32. Saving Private Ryan X
33. Howl
34. Water for Elephants X
35. Invictus X
36. Sleepers X

X = means I have watched it


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