Signs of it’s meant to last

I was thinking about relationships and the love in it. How do you know your love isn’t just some short-term commitment or in fact it is truly meant to last? What signs are there that you can see with a blind eye that tell the relationship is something more than just rush of momentary feelings?
These are what I came up with:

  • You respect each other
  • You want to tell them to be the first to know about new things in your life
  • You want them to meet your parents
  • You can imagine a future together
  • You plan new ways of showing that you love and care for them
  • You’re not afraid to show weakness and vulnerability in front of them
  • You can disagree with them
  • You tell each other things you wouldn’t tell anyone else
  • You laugh a lot together
  • You want to work through your major differences
  • You can be quiet around each other
  • You can be yourself around them
  • You feel like they just “get” you
  • You feel like they make you the best version of yourself
  • Holding hands feels big, like you are connected
  • You can forgive them

What other signs do you think mean your relationship is more than just a short-term commitment?


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