My rights

I have had a post card for years now and it something that I have thought alot about lately…is about My own rights as me….
I have the right…
…to be me – just the way I am and want to be.
…to grow, change, evolve, try hard and reach out for what ever – without other limitations, just my own ability and will.
…to be alone, take a moment out just for ME in a day, in  a week, in a month, in a year.
…to love and get love, get acceptance, care and admiration, and I have the right to use this right.
…respect myself and try to achieve more self-esteem in every possible way, as long as I’m not hurting others by doing it.
…to be happy, find something in the world that has real meaning to me and what satisfies and rewards me.
…to change my mind.
…to win, succeed, compete, plan and care out my plans, succeed in life in the best way possible.
…to have my own limits, my own choices and my own decisions.
I honestly think these are really good…


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