I am me, you are you

There are many things people value in life.. But have you ever asked yourself what is the value of yourself? A human is valuable, each of us is unique and brings their part in to this world for it to evolve an grow. Like wars, they have made the world to evole through it. Yes we can name names for things, like Ghandi, Hitler, Idi Amin, Aileen Wournos, Osama etc. But when you think about it, Ghandi was a man with vision and he faught for it, Hitler was a man with a twisted idea and people followed him, Idi Amin wanted to be the king of the world, Ailleen Wournos was a damsel of death carring scares of her life inside her, which lead her to showing she was strong, Osama was a man with an idea and people followed. They all are human beings and some want to get in to theadlines.
All of us have an idea about life and the value of life, but many people tend to settle for something that the community approves.
Wouldn’t it be great if each human being could live their life without hiding their true-self? Let the woman next door do her 24/7 gardening in peace. Let the man with speech impediment, tell about his day while riding his bike around in the town. Let the alcoholic man next door, fix his old motorbike early in the morning. Let the young woman, who is nice to people but scared inside, be free to be herself and hold hands with a beautiful woman, so you can see her happy. Let the mother of three kids have a moment of peace in the playground when the kids are running around. Help the old person with the shoppings. We are all unique and valuable.

The most important thing is to know your own value. I’m beginning to get to knoe mine. I have gone through alot in the past months and it has changed my view on life and on to myself. Bit by bit I’m starting to get to know myself and what is my value. I have been treated badly and I have treated people badly. But after going to through lifetreatning illness I see myself differently. I don’t have to stand for being the second choice. I don’t have to stand for being taken for granted. I don’t have to stand for getting slapped in to the face.
I’m a human being. A growing human being. I learn from my mistakes and I want to live my life. I want to find my place. If there is a choice between love and friendship I know I need both but I can’t have then both at the same time with the same person. In life there are ground rules, borders and laws. But at the end of the day you are your own boss and you make the rules of your life.


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