Seeing yourself

“Mirror, mirror upon the wall, who is the fairest of all?”
That is a line from the wolrdwidely known Disney classic Snow white, but have you ever thought about the question for real? In finnish translation fairness has been replaced with beauty. The step mother in Snow white didn’t see beyond beauty in my childhood and now that I think about it she wasn’t fair, but I think the whole secret of the mirror in the story is that the step mother’s soul wasn’t whole and the mirror was reflecting her soul by pointing out the whole sides of her. Snow white was fair and put others in front of her.

So here is my thought, women stand in front of the mirror daily doing their things,  ut do they really see themselves? When is the last time you have look at yourself in the mirror and seen youself for real, without make-up, with a messy hair, maybe small bags under your eyes? What do you see?

The past months every evening when I’m brushing my teeth I look at my self in the mirror and sometimes I stand there for minutes, just looking at myself, the uneven eyebrows, green eyes, a small bumb on the nose, thinish lips, small scares on the skin from past years, a few inch scare on the side of my nose from a surgery… then I look at my neck and I have a red scare, the length of my forefinger, running across the bottom of the neck and it reminds me of the past months that have been the hardest that I have ever lived through.

Then I look at myself in to the eyes and I see a glimps of the soul inside, it is scared of many things, mostly of getting hurt, deep inside it is strong, it is a dreamer, it tells me that I will get through the hard times.


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