Being human

Mistakes are part of being human. I think each mistake has a reason – reason for us to learn about ourselves and reason to learn something from it. There isn’t a person on this earth that hasn’t made a mistake.

After a mistake the first step is to admit the mistake. You can’t expect others to forgive you if you haven’t forgiven to yourself first. I have made mistakes and, yes, I do regret some of them, but at the end of the day each mistake had some small good meaning in it at least at that time. I have learned from my mistakes – sometimes I stumble and hit the ground face-first but I have gathered myself and gotten up again. But getting back up should never be taken lightly. It is like baby’s first steps – first she leans to the sofa while trying to find the balance to stand, then after a while she starts to walk leaning still to the sofa moving one foot next to the other, then she lets one hand free and supports her body still to the sofa and slowly she gets her balance and suddenly she is taking slow but steady steps. Sometimes people thing that after they hit the ground, they can just get up and start running again.

Accepting the mistake is a part of forgiving yourself… You might ask yourself “why did I do it?”, “what was I thinking?” etc and all those questions are good once and it is even better if you can answer them, it is the first step of acceptance. Someone might ask you “why did you do what you did?” and the best thing you can do is to tell the truth right away.

My mistakes are colorful I would say, some have been just plain stupid, with some I have meant no harm to happen and some have come back to haunt me later on.  I know I’m only human and I have gotten in terms with the fact that I can’t please everyone. I have to live my life.


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