A day off…

It has been snowing outside the whole morning and it closing in on 10cms. It is almost middle of March and the snow just keeps on coming… mmmhhhh… I hope it will melt away one day, don’t want any Ice Age 4 here.

It was kinda of odd to get to sleep late after getting up at 5am four days in a row and driving 50kms to work at the NICU. But I can say that it is worth it. I really like working with small small babies. They are so fragile and still strong little creatires. Many times when I have held a baby I have thought that they won’t remember anything of the times in here with machines piiping, someone poking you with needles almost every morning to get blood, a stanger changing your diaper and feeding  you when mommy isn’t around.
And sometimes i think about me, I was once at the NICU too. I got abit too thirsty on my way to this world and that took me the incubator and my skin turned in to yellow after a few days. I talked with my tutor at the ward and a she might have been taking care of me back in the day. Kinda odd.

So today I have a day off. I’m sitting on my bed and thinking about what to do first: laundry, cleaning or just hanging. The last feels attempting but then again if I do the first teo first then I can hang as much as i want. Altho I have a few other things that need my attention too. Thesis for example, i could write abit more, try to find new sources for it. The moving, most of my “small” things are at my new home and here at my old home are the furniture and a few thesis books and abit of clothes. But somehow it feels abit hard to take the big step and take the rest of the things the new place and sleep over. But I think it will happen soon.

The snowing seems to continue the whole day, the snow flakes just keep getting  bigger and bigger.


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