Stung by something

have you ever been stung by a bee?! I haven’t, but I have a feeling that it hurts like h*ll. When you have a 8cm needle stuck in to you neck IT hurts like H*LL! I was prepared to have a norman check up with no needles; I had a feeling it wouldn’t involve needles. Well, the doctor surprised me with this thing that could perhaps knock down and elephant. Jesus! Luckily I didn’t see the needle until after the procedure. I think I would have fainted if i had seen the needle before it was jammed in to my neck.

Yes iI’m closing in on being a nurse but still, who was the needle so big?!

And the needle size wasn’t really the worse thing.

When the needle was in my neck the flipping’ doctor started to twist it around inside. AU AU AU AU!!!!! And when the doctor pulls the needle out, he  says smiling “that didn’t seem to hurt.” Well, it didn’t hurt you but you should have heard the screaming inside my head.

Why are some doctors really quiet when they do something to you? don’t they realize that it makes you think that there is something wrong with you. This doctor that I saw today was really odd. Didn’t introduce himself for starters and then after sticking the damn tranquilizer needle in to my neck jumps off from the chair and goes to the computer and never looks me in to the eyes.

So now, the next step is waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting….


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