Hello world!

I have been thinking for a long time to start write a blog…. I have been writing alot all through my life about this and that, but lately it has started to make me feel like the spark of it is fading. So I started thinking that maybe by blogging things would turn around.

So here I am… I’m a student nurse and I want to be a pediatric nurse one day. I have just started my thesis, so it takes alot of my time too at the moment. I think all my life i have wanted to take care of people. Even tho my mom and some other relatives have said that it don’t have that glow on me that is the will to take care of others. But the fact is that they don’t see in to my heart and in to my mind. There is the spark, there is the will that wants to take care of other people. Even my tutor in school has said to me that it shows in me that I want to be a nurse and that it seems to be my role on this stage owhich is the big earth. And I have figured that others don’t order what I am good at, and what suits me. I make the choices in my life. I’m the one living my life.

I could tell this and that about me, but something in me says to keep it down. So I started thinking why write a blog?! People write blogs about many things… but what is most likely to be my area is thoughts, the twists and turns of a mind. I know a few people that have a great mind, an amazing way to write about them. my mind is filled with things and maybe that is one of the reasons why I feel sort of like blocked right now… so maybe by writing  this blog things will chance. Hopefully it will help me.


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